COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON SERIES:              Book 1                Book 2              Book 3               Book 4              Book 5              Book 6            Book 7       

                                                                                                 Countdown to         After the            Rise From     An Undeclared           The                  The            Castroville

                                                                                                  Armageddon       Dust Settled         the Ashes             War             Homecoming         Quest

     FINAL DAWN SERIES:       Book 1                    Book 2                  Book 3                      Book 4                      Book 5                      Book 6                     Book 7                     Book 8      

                                                   Final Dawn                  Hidden                 Breakout                 The Siege      The Army Comes Calling      Missing                 The Search         A Long Road Back

     SECESSION OF TEXAS SERIES:                  Book 1                   Book 2                    Book 3                      Book 4                                      THE CLEANSING SERIES:              Book 1                      Book 2

                                                                       The Secession of Texas       Maribel                My Forever      A New Reason For Being                                                                                The Cleansing         RaeRa Returns

     ALONE SERIES:            Book 1            Book 2           Book 3             Book 4               Book 5                                                     RED SERIES:       Book 1               Book 2            Book 3 

                                                 Facing          An Unkind          The              The Battle           Her Name                                                                                    Red              Too Tough       A Lesson

                                            Armageddon        Winter          Journey                                        Is Beth                                                                                                              To Tame         Learned


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A SECRET LIFE SERIES:            Book 1              Book 2                Book 3                 Book 4                                                     RANGER SERIES:             Book 1                                                             

                                                       A Secret Life      The Hunted         And Justice             A New                                                                                                       Ranger

                                                                                                                For All                Beginning