One of my readers recently told me she thought it was rather cool that I created characters based on my brother and sister, who both passed away a few months ago. She asked me if I ever thought about adding any readers to my books. I hadn't, but think it's a great idea. 

       If any of you are interested, let me know by email (it's on my "Contact" page).

       To participate, you'll have to give me permission to use your first and last name. Please include three or four character traits you'd like for me to convey to your character, and let me know whether you'd rather be a villain or a hero... or simply a spectator to whatever's going on. 

       On August 1st 2016 I'll pick a name at random from the volunteers and will include him/her in my next book. And if it's fun for all concerned, we'll do it again. 

      Thank you all for reading my books. You've made a lifelong dream come true...



      The man and woman depicted in these photos are professional models. I purchased their photos from a stock photo site. Since they are the new faces of two of my principal characters, I'd like to give each of them a signed copy of their respective books.

      If you happen to know either of them, and how I can get in touch with them, please let me know. I'll send you a signed copy as well for your efforts.     

     Thanks for your help...   


 PRESS RELEASE    May 1, 2016:    

       Book 5 of the ALONE series, titled HER NAME IS BETH, was released today on Amazon.com in the United States. It is available in traditional book form and in Kindle format.   

      Scheduled release for the United Kingdom and Europe is Nov 9th. Scheduled release for Amazon Australia is Nov 10th.

      Worldwide release is scheduled for Nov 11th. Scheduled release for Barnes and Noble and other book stores is Nov 11th.

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