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A LONG ROAD BACK (Final Dawn, Book 8):  The original group of forty who went into Salt Mountain has changed in so many ways. Some are dead now. Others have taken their place. All have seen the worst of humanity in a cold and increasingly harsh world. One in which those lucky enough to have survived have learned to take without regard for others. Where the lawless run roughshod over the timid. Where few have to answer for their actions. Some among the group have strayed from the laws of civilized society. Some have strayed from the tenets of right and wrong. Some have joined the ranks of the lawless. And others among them… the ones who swore to protect and serve, and to administer justice… they’re caught between a rock and a hard place. The world has lost nearly all its people. Those who have survived the turmoil have settled into an uneasy new existence. One in which the lawful seldom stray far from their homes and the lawless continue to take without consequence. Only sometimes there are consequences. Sometimes prairie justice is appropriate. Sometimes traditional justice is cast aside. And sometimes things are not what they appear to be. Round Two is on the way. A world that has changed so much in ten years has only begun to be turned upside down. And not everyone will survive.

A LESSON LEARNED (Red, Book 3):  Red was what old-timers call a “strange breed.” She was all woman, and a beautiful one at that. She never really wanted the attention of the men who always seemed to vie for her affection, and she hated to break their hearts. But the fact was, few of them interested her. Red lost her mother at an early age and was raised by a father who worshipped her. He also equipped her with all the tools she'd need later when times got tough. She could hunt, fish and rope a steer as well as any man. When the worst natural disaster in the history of the world destroyed life as she knew it, her toughness kept her alive. But others she loved weren’t so lucky. Her husband and young son were killed in an apparent accident. An accident which severely injured Red and burned her house to the ground.
An accident which turned out not to be an accident at all. They were murdered. She’d get no help from the police. Blanco’s Chief of Police was a brutal banker who’d won the position by coercion. And he was at the top of her list of suspects. Austin was the home of the Texas Rangers, and she thought of going there to plea for help. But Austin was a six day ride on horseback. And she had no proof to offer them. Only her suspicions. Red decided she didn’t need them. Not the police, not the Rangers. She’d solve the murders herself. And in the absence of an honest judicial system, she’d administer justice herself. The way Texans used to do it.

A NEW BEGINNING (A Secret Life, Book 4):  The story of Tony Hance and the Lubbock murders draws to a close. He’s been through the wringer in the three years since two people were found shot to death on the floor of that seedy motel room. That they died at Tony’s hand was never in question. What wasn’t clear was the circumstances in which they’d been killed. And they weren’t telling. Only Tony himself could tell his story. And he was on the run. For two long years he evaded capture by assuming a false identity and joining the military. When they finally caught him, in a tiny cabin in the Alaskan wilderness, he had no more fight left in him. He went back home to accept his fate and to die in the Texas gas chamber. But fate stepped in. The same homicide detective who’d pursued Tony so relentlessly felt something was wrong. There was more to Tony’s story. And he of all people was the one who would discover the missing piece of the puzzle. The piece that exonerated Tony and allowed him to walk out of trial a free man. Tony’s troubles weren’t over yet, though. He still faced charges for crimes he’d committed while in the military. He was guilty beyond doubt, and they were serious crimes. Could he beat them as well? And what of the people he’d hurt along the way? What of the relationships he’d destroyed? What of the two women who loved him? One had been at his side since he was a small child. The other had fallen for the man he pretended to be, but continued to support him as the truth came to light. What about them? Tony was the first to admit he was nothing but a naïve kid when he shot those two people on that fateful night. Was his life really over? Or could there be a second chance? A chance at redemption? An opportunity to have a fresh start? Maybe.

A SECRET LIFE (A Secret Life, Book 1):   Tony Hance was a good man who made a very bad mistake. Now he's on the run. He left behind everyone and everything he ever loved. This is a story of one man's struggle: against his past, his own personal demons, and those who would lock him away for life. Author Darrell Maloney brings back some of the characters from his best selling novel "The Secession of Texas" for "A Secret Life," the first of four installments in the Secret Life series.

ADVENTURE BEGINS, THE  (Red, Book 1):    Red was a bit of an enigma. She was all woman, and a beautiful one at that. She never really wanted the attention of the men who always seemed to vie for her affection, and she hated to break their hearts. But the fact was, few of them interested her. It wasn't their fault. It was just the way she was brought up. For although she had a softer side, Red was also tough. Texas tough, her father called it. It was easier to keep men at arm's length than it was to let them believe they could capture her heart. Red lost her mother at an early age and was raised by a father who worshipped her. He also equipped her with all the tools she'd need later when times got tough. She could hunt, fish and rope a steer as well as any man. When the worst natural disaster in the history of the world destroyed life as she knew it, her toughness kept her alive. And when her family was murdered, she became something else too. She became determined to find the killers and bring them to justice. Even if she had to administer it herself.

AFTER THE DUST SETTLED  (Countdown to Armageddon, Book 2):    In “Countdown to Armageddon,” we met Scott Harter. There was absolutely nothing special about Scott. He was just an ordinary guy living in the suburbs with a typical family and a dog named Duke. If anything set Scott apart from everybody else, it was his extraordinary luck. It was that luck that helped him stumble across the cryptic notes of a mysterious missing professor. “The Mayans never said the world was going to end,” the old professor wrote. “What they actually said was that December 21, 2012 started a new era. An era they called the last period of progress.” Ugly things were on the horizon. Things that would change the world forever. The discovery haunted Scott, and drove him to stake everything he had on building a safe place to go when disaster struck. And on the day solar storms destroyed all technology on earth, he was ready. His group of six assembled and evacuated the chaotic city of San Antonio, and moved ninety miles away. They thought they were safe. But the world was different now. And nothing was certain anymore. Book two, “After the Dust Settled,” finds the group struggling with a new reality in a vastly changed world. Nothing about the new world was going to be easy. Despite their best planning, life keeps throwing them curveballs. Their number has grown. And some of the group has secrets they’re keeping. The world is now a vicious and dangerous place. The city of San Antonio is slowly dying. The once proud jewel of South Texas becomes a city of abandoned cars and piles of bones. And a plague. But San Antonio keeps calling them back.
And each time is a dangerous new adventure.

ALLEGIANCE DEVICE, THE  (Rebellion, Book 1):     There’s a certain element in our society that believes the federal government is using FEMA death camps, mind altering drugs, and tracking implants to control us all. These people are generally ridiculed and scorned. But what if they’re right? Megan and Jason are a young couple with a small child, enjoying a typical American life in an average suburb. There’s nothing special about them at all. And then they notice that people around them are mysteriously disappearing. Some of them are never seen again. Some of them come back, but there’s something oddly different about them. Megan is a newspaper reporter, and starts investigating. Until, that is, she speaks to the wrong people and asks too many questions. Then she and her family are no longer just typical Americans. They are now targets of the United States government.

A NEW REASON FOR BEING (The Secession of Texas, Book 4): Dawn and Charlie aren’t getting any younger. But they’re getting more selective about the adventures they’re pursuing and their plans for the future. Expecting a baby at the precise time in their lives they’re trying to wind down complicates things. But they wouldn’t dare complain. They see the little one as a gift from God. And they’re looking forward to the opportunity to be new parents, at the age most people are sending their kids to college. The couple goes on what Charlie calls a “great adventure,” driving a recreational vehicle across New Mexico and Texas. It’s a test to see if they’re suited for a lifestyle Dawn never saw herself doing. But she’d do anything to make her sweet Charlie smile. Even if it means giving into his wild and crazy schemes. Their trip is one part Rhett and Scarlett and one part Lucy and Desi. Some things go according to plan. And others go wildly haywire. But it’s all fun from beginning to end. Back at Maribel, Dawn struggles with another big decision that could threaten their plans for the future. For the first time in their relationship, Charlie refuses to help her. “This one is your decision to make, and yours alone,” he tells her. I’ll support you one hundred percent. But I won’t make the decision for you.” Dawn runs to her grandmother’s spirit for guidance, and is rebuffed for the second time. For the first time in many years she’s all alone. All alone to make what is quite possibly the biggest decision in her life. No spoilers this time. This one goes right down to the wire. Right down to the final chapter. For you Dawn and Charlie fans, buckle up and hang on. You’re invited to go along on Dawn and Charlie’s “great adventure.” Enjoy the ride. THIS BOOK WAS A JOINT PROJECT WITH MY GOOD FRIEND AND FELLOW WRITER DAWN BRAND HAWKINS. PLEASE LOOK FOR HER OTHER WORKS, AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM AND THROUGH BARNES AND NOBLE.COM

AN UNKIND WINTER  (Alone, Book 2):   Dave and Sarah Anna Speer had been preparing for Armageddon for years. They thought they’d covered all the bases, and had planned for everything. It never occurred to them that the single thing they had no control over was the timing. Sarah was on an airplane with her young daughters when solar storms bombarded the earth with electromagnetic pulses. Everything powered by electricity or batteries was instantly shorted out and would never work again. Dave was suddenly alone. He was also unsure whether his family was dead or alive. He assumed that the airplane stopped working and plunged from the sky. But it was scheduled to land in Kansas City at almost the exact time everything stopped working. Had they landed in time? Was it possible they survived? This is the story of a man facing Armageddon alone. It chronicles the things he does to survive in a newly vicious world. It also includes Dave’s desperate and poignant diary entries to his wife. Just in case she did survive, and somehow makes it back to him to find he didn’t make it himself. In this sequel, Dave’s saga continues. He struggles to survive the worst winter on record, stuck in a house with a dead man, sitting frozen solid on his kitchen floor. He is haunted by the unknown: whether his family is still alive, and where they might be. He also has serious doubts about his mental health, and suspects he might be going insane. Dave is desperate to find answers to his questions, and to find his family and bring them home. To that end, he starts making plans for a thousand mile journey into the unknown. To the place his family was headed at the time of the blackout. But first, he has to survive an Unkind Winter… From the author of last year’s best sellers “Final Dawn” and “Countdown to Armageddon” comes a new tale of one man’s journey through hell… alone.

 AN UNDECLARED WAR  (Countdown to Armageddon, Book4):      The saga continues. Near Kerrville, the compound comes under a vicious attack by a band of outlaws. Scott and John lead a group of men coming to their aid. The cavalry is on its way. But it's ninety miles away. The group fights valiantly but loses one of its own. The loss tears at their very soul, and threatens to rip them apart. It also changes them, as a group and as individuals. They are now more hardened. More cynical. More suspicious of strangers. And perhaps a little more aware that life really is a fragile and precious thing, to be treasured. Tom struggles with a monumental decision that could change the makeup of the group forever. And new love blossoms.

 AND JUSTICE FOR ALL  (A Secret Life, Book 3):   There were some things that weren’t in dispute. Before Tony Hance assumed another man’s identity and went on the run, he did indeed shoot and kill two people. The evidence was irrefutable. In his mind, he had no choice. It was him or them, and he shot and killed him to survive. To others, it wasn’t quite so cut and dry. Tony said he shot in self defense. So why, then, did he shoot each of them twice? The first shot to each of them was fatal. The second shot was overkill. In the words of the veteran police detective on Tony’s trail, “a self-defense excuse ends when the threat no longer exists. Shooting people who are already dying is nothing but murder.” But even the detective felt there was more to the story. Something about it gnawed at him. Tony was a good kid, with a bright future. It made no sense for him to throw it away. If there was a side of the story that remained untold, only Tony Hance himself could tell it. And would the jury believe it? Tony successfully evaded capture for the better part of two years, first by joining the Air Force and then by disappearing into the Alaska wilderness. But now, captured and jailed, he was on his way back to Texas to stand trial. Would telling his version of the story make a difference and save him from the gas chamber? Would it fix the damage he’d done to the women he loved, the family he destroyed, and the dying father who wanted nothing more in the world than to vindicate his son? Every accused has his day in court. This was Tony’s…

 ARMY COMES CALLING, THE (Final Dawn, Book 5):   The group of forty one had never had it easy. In the early days, just before a meteorite named Saris 7 struck the earth, their struggles were mostly those of conscience: how could they let themselves live while so many of their friends and loved ones were dying? The seven year freeze was no better than a long prison sentence, trapping them within the off-white walls of an abandoned salt mine deep in the bowels of the earth. But at least it was safe there. After the thaw, when the survivors broke out into the sunshine again, they faced a new danger. They’d been able to raise livestock, and even a limited number of crops, while locked within the earth. Now there were others who saw what they had and wanted it for themselves. Others who were more inclined to take things by force, than by reason. The group fought fierce gun battles to protect what was theirs. Now, when it seemed they’d finally won, they looked forward to a long period of peace. Then the Army came calling. On a beautiful spring day, out of a clear blue sky, a helicopter landed. The tall colonel was an officer, but certainly not a gentleman. Neither was he diplomatic. Instead of reason or negotiation, he merely stated his demands. “By order of the President of the United States, I have the authority to seize your livestock and your crops. Prepare them now. My people will be here to pick them up tomorrow.” Now the group of forty one had a decision to make. Should they roll over and give everything they’d worked so hard for to the United States Army? Or do they risk everything, including their own lives, to take on the Army and the government, as they’d taken on other outlaws and bullies? They were a proud and determined bunch. Much too determined to just roll over and surrender.

BATTLE, THE  (Alone, Book 4)

Dave Speer was a prepper who knew something bad was coming. He didn't know what, exactly, or when. When the power finally went out it happened at the worst possible time: when his family was on an airliner bound for Kansas City. For a year Dave stumbled through life, not knowing whether they lived or died. He vowed to get to them and find out, and to bring them back home where they belonged. The last installment of the series ended when Dave finished his thousand mile trek, bloodied but still standing, only to find his wife held captive by two dozen hardened criminals. In "The Battle," Dave looks for reinforcements, and finds that there's no one left to help him. The sheriff's office of Winslow County has been decimated, the state police disbanded. Dave has to go it alone, but he's got right on his side, and knows he'll prevail in the end. This one's full of twists and turns that'll keep you wondering to the very last page.

BREAKOUT  (Final Dawn, Book 3):   The world has finally thawed. It's been seven long years since a meteorite called Saris 7 struck the earth and plunged it into a nuclear winter. Most of the world has perished. But there are pockets of survivors here and there. Hidden deep within an abandoned salt mine are Mark and Hannah and forty others. They've gone through the worst and are looking forward to coming out and starting the next chapter of their lives. But the world is still a very ugly place, and it's not going to be easy.

CASTROVILLE (Countdown to Armageddon, Book 7):  Tom Haskins is near death, severely beaten and taken prisoner by the vilest man in south central Texas. He knows that young Sara and their Texas Ranger friend are coming to rescue him. But he doesn’t know when or how. He’s determined to try to help them, but he’s chained to the floor, broken and almost helpless. As sorry a state as he’s ever been in. And a mob of people come pouring out of the ranch house to witness his execution. Has Tom seen his last sunrise? In nearby San Antonio, Robbie Benton has finally decided to make his move. He wants to carry out his vendetta against John Castro, steal Hannah, and to take her far away from San Antonio forever. Before the day is out, seven people will lay dead. And to all of them, good and bad, the cruelest deed of all is getting ready to play out. And their lives will be changed forever.

CLEANSING, THE   (The Cleansing, Book 1):  On a dark summer night in Washington D.C., a hundred people are murdered. There are no witnesses and no clues, except for a small circular bruise on each victim's chest. The same thing happens the next night in Chicago, and the night after that in Phoenix. The cleansing has begun. The whole world wonders how and why it's happening, but only one man has the answer. And the answer is out of this world.

 COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON (Countdown to Armageddon, Book 1):   Scott Harter was an average man. He wasn't dumb, but he'd never be invited to join Mensa either. He'd liked to have married a beauty queen, but his average looks certainly did nothing to attract any. Neither did his vanilla personality. No, Scott was average in every way, except when it came to luck. He was a very lucky man. And that's how he managed to discover what the Mayans really meant about the world ending on December 21st, 2012. Scott learned that the Mayans never said the world was going to end that day. What they said was that day marked the beginning of a period that would see the end of civilization as we know it. The Mayans called it "The last period of progress." Scott knew that big changes were coming. The Mayans left several clues about the pending disaster. He just didn't know when. He didn't know if he had two days to prepare, or two years. To protect his family, Scott threw every resource he had into preparing for the end. And some resources he didn't have. This is Scott's story.

FACING ARMAGEDDON (Alone, Book 1):   Dave and Sarah Anna Speer had been preparing for Armageddon for years. They thought they’d covered all the bases, and had planned for everything. It never occurred to them that the single thing they had no control over was the timing. Sarah was on an airplane with her young daughters when solar storms bombarded the earth with electromagnetic pulses. Everything powered by electricity or batteries was instantly shorted out and would never work again. Dave was suddenly alone. He was also unsure whether his family was dead or alive. He assumed that the airplane stopped working and plunged from the sky. But it was scheduled to land in Kansas City at almost the exact time everything stopped working. Had they landed in time? Was it possible they survived? This is the story of a man facing Armageddon alone. It chronicles the things he does to survive in a newly vicious world. It also includes Dave’s desperate and poignant diary entries to his wife. Just in case she did survive, and somehow makes it back to him to find he didn’t make it himself. From the author of last year’s best sellers “Final Dawn” and “Countdown to Armageddon” comes a new tale of one man’s journey through hell… alone.

FINAL DAWN (Final Dawn Book 1):   What would you do if you finally found the love of your life and were making plans to spend eternity with them - and then found out that eternity was only two years? Mark is a romantic and carefree young engineer, and a bit of a cornball. His beloved Hannah is a beautiful scientist. Pragmatic, intelligent and analytical, she longs for the family she never had, and a change from her horrific childhood. Mark offers that change, and her life is finally complete. Then Hannah discovers that mankind is doomed. Suddenly their lives become a mad scramble, to find a way to save themselves and everyone they love.

 HAUNTED LUBBOCK:   In 2013 the author asked the citizens of Lubbock for their personal ghost stories. He expected a handful at best. Instead, he got dozens. It turns out there are a lot of Lubbockites who have witnessed ghosts or spirits on the streets of Lubbock, in its schools or in its old buildings. These are their stories, in their own words.

HER NAME IS BETH (Alone, Book 5):  For a year after the biggest disaster ever to strike mankind, Dave Speer was all alone. Stranded in a tiny safe room in a house he’d gone through great lengths to make appear vacant, he led as miserable a life as any of the survivors. Then the long winter’s thaw came and he spent four weeks on the road, in a desperate attempt to locate and rescue his family. Dave was a combat veteran. A United States Marine. He was ready and able to do whatever he had to do to get his wife and daughters back from some very bad men. He went to war with the men who’d taken them hostage. And he won. But the reconciliation with his family wasn’t what he expected. His youngest daughter Beth wasn’t among them. She’d been sold to a couple of nameless, faceless drifters. Dave’s reunion with Sarah and Lindsey was short-lived. It was a given that he’d go after little Beth. She was depending on him to rescue her. He was her only chance. With few clues he was off again. With no help other than a few vague clues to guide him he was once again alone, once again on a vital mission. Once again facing a cruel post-apocalyptic world with no backup and someone who was relying on him for her very existence.
This is Dave’s story

HIDDEN  (Final Dawn, Book 2):   In Book 1 of this series, "Final Dawn", we met Hannah and Mark. She was a brilliant scientist, working for a NASA contractor. He was a successful engineer and a bit of a cornball. Together they made the perfect pair. They were a young couple in love, and looking forward to a bright future. Everything changed the day Hannah found out the world was doomed. She discovered a meteorite headed for earth that would wipe out most of mankind. The United States government, led by a corrupt President more concerned with saving his cronies than his citizens, tried to silence her. When she was able to spread the word anyway, President Sanders did what politicians usually do. He lied. “Don’t worry,” he told his citizens. “We have a plan. We’ll work with the Chinese. We’ll send up a weapon with a powerful nuclear warhead, capable of diverting the meteorite onto another path.” People around the world were conflicted. They desperately wanted to believe. No one wanted to die. But they knew they couldn’t trust their governments. Some panicked. Some rioted. Some calmly accepted their fate. And some, like Mark and Hannah, continued their efforts to save themselves and the people they loved. A few days before impact, the mine they would call home for the next seven years was finally ready. Mark and Hannah gathered up family and friends and gave them shelter. It wasn’t a tropical paradise, but it would keep them alive. "Final Dawn" ended when Saris 7 collided with the earth. Around the world, millions were dying. But deeply hidden in an old salt mine outside of Junction, Texas, these forty people would survive. Here, in "Hidden", is the story of their survival.

HOMECOMING, THE  (Countdown to Armageddon, Book 3):   The saga continues. At the compound in Junction, life settles into a peaceful routine. Tom Haskins is regarded as a local hero for his role in killing the Garza gang and for putting their bodies on display as a warning to other marauders. He's asked by the Kerrville City Council to accept the role of Kerr County Sheriff. In nearby San Antonio, the plague continues to wreak havoc, even in its waning days. Scott Harter, nearing the end of his self-imposed exile, learns that Becky has been keeping a secret. But Becky's not the only one with secrets. First Tom, then young Zachary, disappear from the compound. Each of them has a very personal and very secret mission to attend to. The worst secret of all, though, is held by Robbie Benton, one of San Antonio's finest police officers. The end of the plague is expected to bring joy to all and unite many loved ones. But it will also give Robbie the opportunity to murder one of his closest friends.

HUNTED, THE   (A Secret Life, Book 2):   At last, the much awaited sequel to last year’s blockbuster hit, “A Secret Life.” Tony Hance was a good kid, two years out of high school and grappling with his future. He had a job, and while it wasn’t glamorous, it paid his bills and kept him in shape. He had a loving family and great friends. The Vietnam War was finally over, and the country was more concerned with disco dancing than fighting wars. Life was good. But things sometimes change in a hurry, and one bad decision can sometimes destroy a future. Sharon was a looker who accepted Tony’s advances a bit too quickly. A man with more experience might have seen that as a red flag. But Tony was still innocent and naïve to many of the ways of the world. He considered Sharon not as a threat, but as a lonely woman who wanted his company, and he was more than happy to oblige. It was over in a flash in a seedy motel room. A drunken Tony was attacked from behind by Sharon’s partner and hit in the head. When it was over, Sharon and her partner both lay dead by Tony’s hand. He panicked, and he ran. His brother Mark was the first to find him, at a military base just outside of Anchorage. The FBI was not far behind him. But as the authorities closed in on him, Tony was able to slip through their grasp. It was only temporary, he knew. But it bought him enough time to disappear into the Alaskan wilderness. Mark helped Tony get away, assuming his brother’s identity when boarding a jet back to Seattle, and drawing the feds with him. Then the trail went cold. The FBI assumed Tony landed in Seattle and then disappeared into parts unknown. His family knew he was still in Alaska, but not exactly where. And Tony did his level best to disappear from everybody. Here, in “The Hunted,” is Book 2 of the series.

JOURNEY, THE   (Alone, Book 3):   The author who brought you “Final Dawn” and “Countdown to Armageddon” now brings you the story of Dave Speer. Dave and his wife Sarah were preppers who saw the end coming and made plans to survive it. The one thing they had no control over, though, was the timing. And the chaos happened at the worst time possible: when Sarah and the girls went to visit relatives a thousand miles away. Dave Speer has somehow managed to survive the worst winter in recorded history. He should be overjoyed, but he’s sick with worry. He counted over a hundred nights in a row with below-freezing temperatures. Knowing he barely made it himself, he wonders how bad it was for his family, a thousand miles north, where presumably the winters would be much worse. Sarah and his girls were tough, sure. But if they weren’t prepared for such a harsh winter, if they ran short of food or water and couldn’t get more… And then there was the knowledge that the area north of Kansas City had been overrun by escaped criminals just after the world went to black. Escaped criminals who were still there unable to find transportation out of the area. Dave had planned and prepared all winter for his journey. A journey that would take him into a newly dark and evil world. A journey to Kansas City to see whether his family really did make it. And if they did, whether they were still free. Or whether they now belonged to criminals who kept them as slaves. They were alive. In his heart he had to believe that. He just couldn’t consider the alternative. And he had to go get them. Along the way Dave encounters a group of men who don't take kindly to his rifling through one of their town's abandoned stores. They beat him almost to death to teach him a lesson. He is rescued by a mysterious figure named Red, who then watches over him as he heals and befriends him. And helps him deal with young Sarah's death.

LIFE'S LESSONS FROM A CANDY MACHINE:   Growing up in Texas in the 1960s wasn't always fun. But it was an incredible adventure. Life's Lessons From A Candy Machine is a series of short stories that document one boy's journey through adolescence and the teen years. It's sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and sometimes outrageous. But it's nostalgic and entertaining from the first page through the last.

MARIBEL  ( The Secession of Texas, Book 2):  At long last... "Maribel," the much awaited sequel to Darrell Maloney's blockbuster hit "The Secession of Texas." Maribel is a love story: the tale of one woman's passion for her country, the resort town she created, and the only man who could tame her. It's a tale so big it could only be set in Texas. Follow President of Texas Dawn Brady as she leaves political office and enters the private sector. She devotes her life to Charlie Bennett and to Maribel, her city of dreams. This book has it all... romance, suspense, intrigue and passion. Lots of passion. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts. You're about to enter Maribel...

MISSING  (Final Dawn, Book 6):   For the group of forty one, life had never been easy. In their early days together, when a meteorite crashed into the earth and forced them into an abandoned salt mine to survive a seven year freeze, they battled together and endured. And after the thaw they battled again, against evil men who tried to take what they'd worked so hard for. Now, at a time when everything appeared to be running smoothly, they were fighting again. Fighting against time to find three of their own. One was injured, alone and afraid... and lost in the woods. Two others had gone away on a helicopter and never returned. A helicopter they later learned had crashed. Despite their desperate efforts, not all would survive. And not all would be found.

MY FOREVER  (The Secession of Texas, Book 3):    From the author of last year’s blockbuster, “Maribel,” comes the latest chapter in the lives of Dawn and Charlie Bennett. Dawn and Charlie seemingly have everything. Now retired from politics, they have the freedom to pursue their dreams and their passions. For Dawn, that dream is running a grand hotel in Maribel, the newest and best resort city in the world. For Charlie, it is relaxing and living a more laid back lifestyle. But sometimes things are the brightest just before disaster strikes. Charlie is diagnosed with brain cancer, and it doesn’t look good. Dawn’s beloved grandmother comes to her in a vision. She says, “Don’t worry, my child. Charlie will beat this. He is on a mission from God, and he must fulfill that mission before he departs this earth.” Dawn is elated. Charlie is skeptical. And the doctors are amazed when Charlie’s tumor vanishes. “There isn’t even a trace of it,” the doctors say. “It’s like it was never there.” The couple is baffled, until strange things start happening, seemingly in a planned sequence, that explain Charlie’s destiny and Grandmother’s prediction. Join Dawn and Charlie on their journey of love, trust, and of higher things that shape us all, but that sometimes we don’t understand.

PERSPECTIVES:  A sequel to last year's success "Life's Lessons From A Candy Machine," this book is a light-hearted look at simpler times. Growing up in the 1960s wasn't always fun, but it was a great adventure. Join the author as he goes back to a better time, before the fast paced technology of our modern world came along and ruined everything.

QUEST, THE  (Countdown to Armageddon, Book 6):   As the story winds down, the plot continues to twist and turn. Robbie, once an outstanding police officer and now teetering on the edge of insanity, moves ahead with his plan to assassinate one of his best friends. But things don't go according to plan. Sara moves forward with her own plans, to locate the mother she once thought was complicit in the horrific abuse she suffered as a child. Now aware that her mother was a victim herself, Sara sets out with her friend Tom to find her and bring her home. Along the way they encounter a young girl named Millicent, who steals their hearts. They also encounter a Texas Ranger who quotes Shakespeare and a man so brutal he has Tom beaten to within an inch of his life.  And all the while, ninety three million miles away, storms are once again brewing on the surface of the sun. 

RAERA RETURNS (The Cleansing, Book 2):  RaeRa is back with another dose of tough love for the human race. The “big-headed lizard,” as Frank Woodard likes to call him, isn’t a lizard at all. He’s an alien from the planet Mon. The two first met in “The Cleansing.” RaeRa was sent to earth by the Monian Council on a mission to save mankind from itself. Frank was a homicide detective for the Washington, D.C. Metro Police Department. A crusty but likeable guy who had no time for niceties or political correctness. He was the last man on earth RaeRa should have chosen to help him get his message out.  But Frank was chosen by default. He was the one on duty on the night the first of RaeRa’s victims fell. In the days and weeks that followed one hundred new victims fell each night, all of seemingly natural causes. They had nothing in common, save a small circular bruise above their sternums. But everyone has secrets. Frank soon learned that they had something else in common as well. They’d all killed someone in their past. And now they were paying the price. This time around the stakes are even higher. And the victims more innocent. And once again, RaeRa seeks Frank’s help. Only this time, the fate of the world is quite literally hanging in the balance.

RANGER  (The Ranger Series, Book 1):  Randy was a man born in the wrong era. For he lived in modern times but had the soul of a gentle cowboy. He tipped his hat and opened doors for strangers. He said “yes ma’am” and “no sir” when it was neither required nor expected. He was kind to others.And therein was the enigma that was Randy. For his chosen profession was that of a lawman. And sometimes the two personas didn’t necessarily jive. Actually, that last statement wasn’t quite true. For being a modern-day Texas Ranger wasn’t really a profession Randy chose. It was a family tradition, and one which he was expected to carry on. Randy was actually the fifth Texas Ranger in the family. The last in a line of five successive generations. Old Buford P. Maloney started the tradition when he lied about his age to enlist in the Rangers in 1895. The Comanche still roamed West Texas in small pockets back then. Buford P. was wounded by a brave’s arrow on his twentieth birthday but survived. Randy owed his very existence to Buford T.’s stubbornness and his unwillingness to die on the Lubbock prairie that particular day. Flash forward, modern day. Randy still wears old Buford T.’s badge. It’s beaten and pitted and rusty, but it still outshines all the others. Four generations before him have proven their worth as members of the premier law enforcement agency in the State of Texas. Now it’s Randy’s turn to prove his mettle. But he’ll prove it against an adversary his forefathers never had to challenge. He’ll confront the biggest catastrophe mankind has ever faced. In a newly cold and cruel world, where few will survive. And he’ll do it with the honor and distinction of a Texas Ranger.

RISE FROM THE ASHES  (Countdown to Armageddon, Book 3):   Sometimes the best of plans fall short. Scott Harter thought he'd covered every base, and planned for everything. His family was safe and comfortable, months after solar storms destroyed modern society and turned the world's cities into killing grounds. But he never planned on a good friend needing medicine that only he had the capability to deliver. And he never expected to be stranded in a decimated city, shot by bandits and left to die, then being unable to go home because of a deadly plague. He never expected to be a part of the effort to bring the city of San Antonio back to life once again. And he certainly never thought his family, tucked away in a secure compound ninety miles north of the city, would be fighting for their lives without him.

SEARCH, THE  (Final Dawn, Book 7):  For the forty one people who barricaded themselves in an abandoned salt mine to ride out Armageddon, life had never been easy. Even after the earth thawed and allowed them to venture out again, the world had become a dark and evil place. Other survivors had gotten accustomed to taking what they wanted at the end of a gun. And merely surviving from one day to the next was extremely difficult. The group had avoided a war with the United States Army by giving up half their livestock, and in the process had formed a friendship with an Army colonel named Montgomery. So much so that two of the group’s members accepted an offer from Colonel Montgomery to tour a relief compound in nearby San Antonio. Their helicopter crashed, and John perished. Hannah made it, but just barely, and developed a special bond with the only other survivor: a crewmember named Joel who saved her life. Back at the compound, Sarah was missing. She’d gone into the forest to pick wildflowers and never returned. Her trail went cold at an isolated roadway where a dog-handler said someone picked her up. “From here, she could have gone anywhere,” he said, and the search began. Sarah was injured, afraid, and brainwashed by an evil man who freely admitted he had no soul. He’d killed many times before and would think nothing of killing again. As soon as he grew tired of Sarah or she wore out her usefulness. Her life depended on Bryan and the others finding her in time and rescuing her from her captor. Don’t get comfortable. This one has unexpected plot twists to the very end.

SECESSION OF TEXAS, THE   (The Secession of Texas, Book 1):   What would happen if Texas really did secede from the United States? Would it be everything Texans hoped it would be? Who would run the government, and how would it operate? This is the story of a secession that never happened, but very well could have. And yes, Texas does succeed beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

SIEGE, THE  (Final Dawn, Book 4):    The saga continues. Mark and Hannah, and their group of forty one, are just getting comfortable in their mountain hideaway. For six and a half years they’d scratched out a minimal existence in an old salt mine, waiting for the world to thaw. Now they’ve entered a new home and a brave new world. One of sunshine, fresh air, and new opportunities. But the gods of fate aren’t going to make it easy on them. They are forced to evacuate their new home by a band of ruthless outlaws. They aren’t ready to give it up, though. So they go to war… literally, and use guerilla tactics to take out the outlaws a few at a time. Along the way, there are other problems to deal with. One of their own commits an act so heinous he is put on trial. The group must decide whether to do something they’d never had to do before: banish someone they know well and love. On Buena Vista Drive, a massacre kills all but a handful of people. They’re forced to leave everything behind, and are given refuge in the compound. Frank is seriously wounded in the battle, and despite Eva’s assurances he’ll recover, it didn’t look good. It isn’t all gloom and doom, though. Hannah and the girls still have fun at their guys’ expense. Little Markie continues to grow and to see his new world in wide-eyed wonder. And new love blossoms.

TOO TOUGH TO TAME (Red, Book 2): Red never had it easy. After she lost her mom to cancer at a very young age, she was raised by her father to be tough. He meant well, he really did. But since she lacked female role models, she grew up a diamond in the rough. Tougher than most men and headstrong to boot, she was socially awkward and shunned by many women. But she attracted men anyway. They couldn’t help themselves. She was beautiful and genuine. She stood up for the oppressed, and took no guff from anyone. Many men were intimidated by her, but not Russell. Russell saw Red for what she really was… an unpolished gem and an amazing woman. He was man enough to tame her. For a while, anyway. The world went black, as solar storms sent powerful electromagnetic pulses to knock out anything which ran on electricity. But that was only the beginning. Russell and Red’s young son, Rusty, were killed when their home mysteriously exploded. Red retreated to the deep woods to find solace, as she’d done periodically since she was a child. The forest had a way of wrapping its arms around her and comforting her. And helping her to regain her bearings. Each time in the past, Red had returned from her self-imposed exiles to find the world a much easier place to deal with. But not this time. This time she returned to find her father dead as well. Murdered by a band of greedy thugs for reasons she couldn’t fathom. She didn’t understand why he had to die as well. But she intended to find out. In this installment Red learns that the man who carried out the murders has absconded. Tracking him in a world where few machines exist wouldn’t be easy. But again, nothing had ever been easy for Red. Difficult tasks didn’t deter her, so she set off on a three hundred mile journey to find Jesse Luna. To find out for sure who hired him, and who else was involved. She intended to take him into custody and see him tried for murder. But a very big part of her wanted him to resist. So she could administer her own brand of justice instead.